Here are 26 reasons - one for each letter in the alphabet - why it is worth to relax in our cosy, handmade hammocks from Thailand.

While reading, a slight sense of humour might be beneficial :)

A – Artist Must Eat – If buying one of our hammocks you support the Lahu tribe in the North of Thailand. It's a win-win for yourself and the people living there. 

B – Backpacker – If the wanderlust calls you and the backpack is packed, the perfect hammock shouldn't miss.

C – Captain Hammock – The person amongst your friends who lives the most intense hammock-lifestyle. 

D – Discover New Ideas – You are in search of new ideas in your life? Guess where the best ideas are born? In the office? Wrong. In the hammock? Exactly. 

E – Ecstasy Of  Peace – The world around us is getting faster and faster and we are longing for quiet moments to calm our body and mind. We can find so many of these peaceful moments in a hammock. Make hammocks not war!

F – Festivals – Studio Lu loves Music. Just as Festivals. What if you leave your tent at home and instead take your hammock with you? Ready for this adventure? We pray to the weather gods to send you some sun.

G – Gift – What to give as a birthday present to friends who (being really honest) got everything they need already? Money? Too impersonal. A Voucher? Boring. A gag-gift? Useless. A Hammock? Perfect!

H – Home Sweet Home - For sure you know the hammock from outdoors. With the right fixation to wall you got an extra bed for guests or a creative and cosy alternative to a normal couch. The hammock makes your interior more exotic and comfortable. At that it is space saving. 

I – Impulse – There will be moments in which you feel instantly drawn into the hammock. We want to prewarn you: it can happen everywhere and at any time. 

J – Joint – yes indeed. But watch out! Watch out for the glow the hammock is allergic to. And for the compliance of local laws :)

K – King Size - our hammocks can be compared with the bed of a king. There is enough space for more person to enjoy this piece of art. The Jumbo- and V-Hammock can host up to 200kg, the Festa Hammock proudly invites up to 300kg. Enjoy your stay!

L – Leseratten & Bookworms – One Book per week? No challenge for you? With this hammock you should start to raise your reading-pensum as you will easily get through 2 books now. 

M – Material – Cotton is less solid and Nylon not as comfortable as Acrylic. So why not unite the advantages of those both materials? The Acrylic yarn from Bangkok that is used to weave our hammocks is very unique and accessible only here at StudioLU.

N – Nature Lovers – It's night. Fullmoon night. The starts are shining their lights and you are sitting in the wet grass? Why don't you enjoy this scenery in a cosy hammock? 

O – Office@Home – If you have the freedom to work from home, we can recommend you to launch a special hammock-office. Work on your presentation while relaxing in a hammock. Your boss will be happy. 

P – Product Care – Hammock lovers like to keep it relaxed. As easy is the care for this hammock: a simple bath with some soap is enough.

Q – Quality – thousands of crossed threads, a few kilometers of yarn, and up to two weeks of handwork per hammock. Highest quality is guaranteed.

R – Relaxation Time – Relax your body. Relax your mind. All said. Nothing to do.

S – Sunbather OR Shade Lover – Frizzled golden brown OR by no means a sunburn. This hammock leaves you all freedom.

T - Televison - Even if the hammock is not able to make the TV program better we think it gets at least more enjoyable. 

U – Unique & Original - We believe that this is the best hammock in the world. It is UNIQUE & ORIGINAL.

V – Voices Of Nature - Can you hear the blackbird, the woodpecker, the spotted flycatcher and the song thrush? They are playing a very special soundtrack just for you there lying in your hammock.

W – Withdrwal – Means the state of acute hammock withdrawl. We hope you don't have to experience that.

X – X-Factor – is  a quality that you cannot describe that makes something very special. Hammocks can make you addicted. But once again swinging in a hammock you will realize: they will never loose their special value. 

Y – Yoga – we recommend you to try Shavasana in a hammock (if you are not a yogi: Shavasana is the final relaxation while lying down)  OM. SHANTI.

Z – Zone For Cuddling - Every amorous couple Jedes loves to cuddle. And  there is no better place to cuddle than in a hammock. If you want to heaten it up a little, you should have a look in the the Hammock Sutra Video auf YouTube