Hammock Art is a family business in the village of Chiang Rai in Thailand. It was founded 30 years ago by Peter Schmidt, a textile engineer from Switzerland. In the early times of backpacking in South-East Asia Peter started to live his dream. He chose an alternative way of living that combined his passion for roadtrips on the motorbike and his love for hammocks.

In collaboration with the Northern mountain tribes the first hammocks were born melting together the local art of craftsmanship and the engineering precision from Switzerland. Over the years, a very special hammock has been born. In Thailand it has gained its prestige as Rolls Royce amongst all net hammocks.
Today, the business can be best described as a sort of housewife collaborative led by Peter's wife Nee. Nee is taking care of the entire production of the collection – from hammock design to a final quality check.

An eye is kept on the right education of the by now 14 weavers as the weaving technique is very complex and demands a lot of learning and quite some patience.
Both daughters of Nee, May and Sibille, are on their way of learning and integrating all the wisdom about Hammock Art so that they will be able to take over the business later in their lives.