Hammock Art is offering the chance of a stable income to people from remote villages around the small Thai city of Chiang Kong. The weavers have the chance to work at their own pace and keep control over their daily life.
May we present a few of the team members to you?

Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Initiative
Positive products made by and for positive people. This is Thai Tribal Crafts, a fairtrade initiative from Chiang Rai. Thanks to the education offered by Hammock Art, also the weaving of hammocks is part of this initiative, especially at peak times.


Hammock Artist - Foi
For 2 years now, I have been part of the team and I am still learning. In the beginning the weaving was hard work for me but now it's going relatively smooth. We use the extra-income for investing in our grandson's education.

Hammock Artist - Son
I love creating hammocks. I am a farmer's daughter and the process of weaving hammocks brings some change into my daily life. What I like in this work? I can weave at home and organize my working hours myself. The extra income is invested in a higher education of my two kids.

Hammock Artist - Khong Kham
Thailand is known as the land of the smile and I do have quite some reason to smile! With 8 years of experience, I am weaving the V-hammock faster than the new members in the team. As we are paid per hammock I can create a very good income. The work is fun and I love to be independent.

Hammock Artist - Nui
I am originally from the ethnic minority Kahmu. Our village is very remote so there are not many options for jobs and we rarely find work. Me and my 5 colleagues are very happy to have an employment in which we can work at home. A regular income makes a big difference for our community life here in the village.